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Hey..."Queen Suga's" &  "Royal Kings"

My Story

I began my seamstress journey in 1973. Home Economics courses; sewing and cooking were required. I also attended Tracy Warner Fashion Design School from 1978 to 1979.  Over the years up to today there were moments of self teachings in various areas mainly  precision of the skill.  After countless projects and family and friends telling me I have a skill that the world should see, I turned my hobby into a small business in 2016.  


My main goal is to produce different one-of-a-kind items and happy customers. S.U.C.H. is a place where you can find that UNIQUE handbag.  All of my handbags are custom made; NO RETAIL for resale.  Occasionally, I use patterns, but mostly my own thought up creations.  Women love choices!! We also don't wish to be in a box with a million other women wearing the same identical thing.  My handbags are like personalities INDIVIDUAL, UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT.  What one woman won't like a million others will.  Being Unique is the epitome of my designs.  I design from my heart and I put lots of love into my projects.  All I do.... is think of YOU - phenomenal woman with all styles in mind.


"NO 2 BAGS ARE ALIKE", "FOR THE QUEEN IN YOU" and "WHERE YOU DARE TO BE DIFFERENT" are slogans that represent SUCH. Feast your eyes on my collections...and keep in mind that Sadiqa's Unique-s is.........



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