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Couture Offering

Don't see anything in the SUCH collections that tickle your fancy?  Don't fret! S.U.C.H. offers a program where you can work with me to help design a bag specifically for YOU and YOUR needs. See steps below. 

Step 1

Contact S.U.C.H. with your interest request by email or phone.  We will set up time to furhter discuss over the phone. If you have photos it is requested you send them.  The phone conversation is where you will get your price quote; which will be emailed to you as your confirmation notice.

It can be your own unique idea or inspired by my collections. 


Let's talk!! 

Step 2

Made-to-order items require 50% deposit of estimated cost. After your idea discussion has taken place and we have finalized your request you may pay the deposit here at the Couture Offering tab in the Gallery. 


Upon receipt of deposit, fabrics, hardware etc will be shopped for and pictures will be sent to you for confirmation to assure we're headed in the right direction and towards satisfaction of your requests. 

Step 3

Your handbag is on it's way to the production room.  


Please allow 2-4 weeks for your bag creation, review and shipment.  Time could be longer or shorter depending on my production schedule.  

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