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Burlap Clutch - 2 styles

What a lovely look!! Get yours now before they GOOOO!


Who said burlap was only for potato sacks?!!  THEY LIED!  Decorative burlap is the next best thing to straw - each make a beautiful summer bag. 


These 2 clutches are readily available for shipment.  However, it may be possible to order when out of stock "IF" I have more material.  Feel free to email Sadiqa and ask.  


Med-Large size - zip top to keep items secure,  flap over with funky eclectic custom designed detail (could be different on each bag).  


14.5"w x 9.5"l - tan/blk Zebra print

13.5"w x 9"l - gray/blk leopard print



Burlap Clutch - 2 styles

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