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STOP, LOOK AND FLY!! She flies with sheer "queenism" when carrying this beautiful feathered tote. There is no other way to walk when carrying this handbag, except with your head held high. Guaranteed you will be questioned.  Aerodescent Faux Rooster feathered top handle bag, olive green denim beneath, with  Wakanda lining, a sturdy gunmetal zipper, dbl inside pockets.  There is currently only 1.


This is a made-to-order item and will have slight variations; i.e. lining, pockets inside, handles etc.  None-the-less it will be beautiful and very similar.  Generally takes 1-2 weeks to create and shipping.


16.5"W x 14"L

Rooster Feathered Handbag - WAKANDA FOREVER

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